Rock Band Pendant Shines Up Your Nerd

I'm not a jewelry wearing kind of guy, but even I get a little giddy seeing ThirdProjectJuno's masterfully crafted, shiny video game-themed things. Juno's latest is a lovely and classy Rock Band inspired pendant.

No, this 14 karat white gold preciousness isn't for sale — not even that fabulous Metroid-esque ring we posted so long ago — so don't go bugging Juno how you can get your hands on such a lovely bauble. Of course, if someone from Harmonix were to approve such a thing and, say, hand them out to deserving press and employees, then we'd be more likely to get our hands on one....

Until then, it's look with your eyes, not with your hands.

Rock Band Pendant [ThirdProjectJuno's Shineys]


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