Rockstar Says ‘Hell No!’ To New Niko Dialog In Lost And Damned

Rockstar Says ‘Hell No!’ To New Niko Dialog In Lost And Damned

The folks at Rockstar don’t seem to keen on the return of Niko Bellic’s voice actor Michael Hollick, answering “Hell no!” to MTV Multiplayer’s query about new lines for everyone’s favourite Slavic bastard.

Grand Theft Auto IV voice actor Michael Hollick made waves last year when he complained to the New York Post about not being paid enough to voice the star of Rock Star’s masterpiece, Niko Bellic. His complaints left a bad taste in the mouths of video game voice actors everywhere, and likely didn’t make Rock Star too happy either – perhaps not happy enough to be adamantly against calling the actor in to record new dialogue for the game’s first DLC, The Lost And Damned.

Of course, the “Hell no!” could have been for another reason. They could have just been voicing their heartfelt support for the new main character Johnny Klebitz, or maybe they just like the word “hell” and feel the need to type it whenever possibly. Highly doubtful, but we have to cover all the possibilities. Who the hell knows?

‘Hell No’ – No New Lines For Niko Bellic in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Expansion
[MTV Multiplayer]

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