Rumour: EA Planning More Layoffs, Mobile Division Already Hit

Electronic Arts may have additional layoffs planned for the new year, as a source at the company tells us that the publisher is planning to lay off 400 more employees by the end of March.

Whether that's on top of the 1,000 employees EA already announced it would let go as part of a restructuring plan is unclear and we're waiting to hear back from the publisher on clarification. The cuts are said to affect both contractors and regular full-time employees.

According to the source, EA Mobile has already shed 45 staffers, with QA testers being let go at the end of this month.

EA did not yet comment on the validity of the rumoured layoffs. We'll update when and if they do.


    why does everyone keep reporting that there were 45 EA-Mobile Layoffs. It was at least 100, I know it may be much more. I worked there. They told me Appleone was a payroll company, now I feel like an idiot. Mobile QA is not project based and many of us were cheated out of decent pay and benefits for years, only to be discarded without any notice. They could have done it 1st thing in the morning but they lay you off in the middle of the workday. humiliating. not so much as a thank you or a sorry. I think they like watching the ones that freak out.

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