Saint's Row 2 Hits Steam

The nice folks at Valve have just informed us that THQ's open-world gangbanger simulation Saint's Row II is now available for North, Central and South American gamers to purchase via Steam.

Yes, along with your local PC game dealer, Saint's Row 2 is now available for download on the Steam Service for the low price of US$39.99, which is of course $20 less console gamers had to pay, but hey...your rig cost more, didn't it? Especially if you beefed it up to meet the recommended system requirements.

I'm actually pondering picking up the PC version. I bought a copy for the Xbox 360 on release day, but my underage nephew who probably shouldn't have been playing it ended up leaving my apartment with it before I got a chance to play. Jerk.

Kotaku AU Note: For now, this doesn't apply to Australia. We've asked THQ if there are plans to make it happen and we'll let you know when we hear from them. THQ has confirmed you'll be able to grab Saints Row 2 off Steam at the same time it'll be available in stores in Australia. When's that? Feb 5.

Saint's Row 2 On Steam [Steam]


    FMD, shafted again. Couldn't pre-order GTAIV on steam either (maybe that was a good thing actually). I'm sure some filthy pirate will have it soon though, and they'll go into my house and install it on my machines, effing scum bags.

    what is the product code for sanitrow2???

    I need a product key...when i open Saint Row 2 Instal is instaling in STEAM and i need a product key to go NEXT...:D plz help on my id precol_mihai or e-mail me on [email protected]

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