Salman Rushdie Killed Time With Computer Games

After novelist Sir Salman Rushdie published The Satanic Verses, many deemed the book blasphemous. The Ayatollah of Iran issued a decade long fatwa, calling for Rushdie's death. How did he spend that time?

"Like everybody else I played a computer game or two," he tells The Times. (Well, like everyone else who has to go in hiding or be murdered...)

Does that mean the author is a gamer? As game site GameCulture points out, Rushdie didn't exactly seem impressed with video games in a 2008 interview he gave: "I think video games, YouTube, you know, these are the things that will change the world. Because when people see what garbage everybody else is consuming, they want it too." Oh, burn, take that video games!

Saturday interview: Salman Rushdie [The Times via GameCulture via GamePolitics]


    He can go to hell.

    Wait, wait, wait... So his name is "Rush" "Die" and he's hiding because some people want him dead. Perhaps he finds computer games garbage because he dies too many times to enjoy them.

    Yes, Salman Rushdie did not kill time with computer games. Perhaps Computer games killed Salman Rushdie, many a time.

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