Samuel L. Jackson Wants You To Buy Afro Samurai At Game Crazy

And here I thought novelty celebrity phone messages were a thing of the past. Not so for Game Crazy, who have Samuel L. Jackson reminding customers to pre-order Afro Samurai.

Sure he doesn't quite pronounce Namco Bandai correctly, but he doesn't need to. He's Samuel L. Jackson, and when he tells you to go pre-order the game at Game Crazy so you can get a little figurine of the character he portrays in the anime, well then by damn you better do it. When he tells you to keep him in your pocket...well you do that to. Then, when you realise you just put a tiny Samuel L. Jackson armed with a sword in your pocket, it's too late.

Remember kids, never let Samuel L. Jackson near your genitals with a sword. It just doesn't make sense.

Thanks Mexfreak86 for passing this along!


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