Second-Life Hooker Bares All

"We have street prostitution here in Italy, and I have always wanted to be one of them," says "Palela Anderson," who is a high priced escort in Second Life.

"As a teenager I would watch these sexy women walking the streets, waiting for the cars to stop, teasing the guys, and then hopping in and getting out sometime later," she says in an interview posted to IGN's Green Pixels. "I'm not sure why I find it such a turn-on. I think it's because when a man will pay to have you, you know he really desires you. It's proof that you're really wanted."

"Palela's" real-life (and anonymous) persona says she tried being a prostitute. But "In the end, I refused all the [offers of]dates I got. It wasn't that I didn't want to do it, not at all. It was because I was afraid of being discovered by my family. They would have never accepted it, and I didn't want to hurt them or make them ashamed of me."

("Palela" probably left out the part where a john reached up her skirt and his face contorted into a masque of confusion and rage ...)

So when she discovered Second Life three years ago, "Palela" realised — like men who can't bear to shame their mothers but secretly want to be Nightcrawler with a 2-foot glowing prehensile penis that ejaculates magma — she could live out her fantasies without the real world consequences.

Fun facts:

• "In Second Life I look similar to the real me, even if I don't use the red hair extensions every day. I try to minimize the differences between real life and Second Life — my avatar looks like me because it's me that's doing these things, not a character or an actress."

Mmm hm.

"What I charge has to be realistic for the Second Life economy. To give an example, a pair of thigh high boots (I'm crazy for them) cost 600-800 Linden Dollars, and it's 400-500 for a short dress. But I don't have any fixed "price"; I prefer my clients to give me something as a present. They already know that the average fee in Second Life is around 2000-3000 Linden Dollars for one full evening."


• "When I say a full evening, I underline the 'full.' I spend two to three hours several nights a week 'working' in Second Life. I dance in escort clubs, and people know what they're coming there for; they know where to find me. But I take new clients very rarely — I tend to be quite selective."

And finally:

• "At the moment I don't currently have a real-life boyfriend."

Yeah, ya don't say.

I Live Out My Sexual Fantasy as an Online Escort [Green Pixels]


    WOW! This is amazing. I've heard of second life but i had no idea it mimicked real life to this extent!. I need to go have an asprin and a good lay down now!

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