SEGA Sees Wii As Hardcore Opportunity

The Wii's ratio of hardcore games to casual titles is low. SEGA doesn't see that as a bad thing, but rather, an opportunity.

SEGA Europe's Alan Pritchard explains cites the success of both Resident Evil 4 and Red Steel on the Wii. "But since then, many publishers have migrated towards the more mass-market family titles," says Pritchard, "so perhaps there hasn't been the array or depth of hardcore titles on Wii. So there is definitely opportunity here."

The publisher hopes the upcoming MadWorld will capitalise on that opportunity. Quick, time for a show of hands: Who's picking up MadWorld on the Wii?

Sega targets hardcore Wii gamers [MCVUK]


    Will it have online?
    Will I be able to bring freinds online with me on the same wii?
    Will it use a more conventional contact system? (no friend codes)
    Will it be splitscreen multiplayer?
    Will it be compelling or just another beat-em-up?
    Will the graphics live up to the wii's holywood and broadway processors (finally...)?
    Will it be competitive?

    If the answer is no to any of the above the, Sega, just give up...

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