Show Us Yours: That's An Impressive Rack

show us yours pedantics.jpg

We asked you to show us yours... and you did. Your games collection, that is. First up is "Pedantics" and his very healthy selection of 360, Wii and Cube titles. He's also let us take a peek at some of the peripherals cluttering his living room. Now let's take a closer look...


    Damn. Bastard's got Metal Gear: Twin Snakes. You know that thing is like $200+ on Ebay?

    Kudos for owning Killer7. It's the only Cube game I own that I'm actually proud of having.

    Hey man, don't be dissin' Dead Or Alive. That's some quality shit, right there. Ahem.

    Those two silver "players choice" spines in my gamecube section will be an eternal source of torment...

    @ descart3s
    If that's the case, you have only your own choices to blame. The Cube may not have been a sales success, but there were plenty of games released that any gamer should be proud to own.

    All those games and you call out Sonic and the Secret Rings? It's far (very far) from ranking among the best games in Pedantic's library, but it's pretty far from bottom three material as well. Wonky minigame multiplayer and cheesy story aside, the single player gameplay was a step in the right direction for Sonic.

    X-Arcade sticks are terrible. I can't really blame them though, or local market is terrible for sticks.

    That looks like an import version of No More Heroes, too. Yay for uncut.

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