So What Games Are Porn Stars Into?

Right now, I'm playing Mirror's Edge. Thanks for asking. I, however, am not a pornographic film star, and as such, what I'm playing is nowhere near as interesting as what they're playing.

Catching up with a select few of them at the AVN show in Vegas last week, GameDaily asked them the tough questions. Who they'd be in a real game ("I'd be one of the whores getting screwed in Grand Theft Auto"), who they'd be in a dream game ("Super, super slutty. I'd be a hot little game girl, and I'd hit people with my boobs. They're big"), that sort of thing.

Of interest to us (OK, of more interest), though, is what the ladies are playing. Allie Foster, for example, is playing Cooking Mama 2. Kristina Rose's favourite game is Katamari Damacy. And Joanna Angel is playing both Guitar Hero and Rock Band at the same time (hey, she's a pro).

Porn Stars Love Video Games! 2009 Edition [GameDaily]


    u are the best sass sister in the whole intiure world

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