Some Euro Developer Is Down On PSP

The PSP does big business in Japan. Outside of Japan? Not as big. Hence, why some folks get down on the portable. Here's the latest gloomy PSP chatter.

Laurent Benadiba, CEO of Lyon-based dev Smack Down Productions, worked on a canned PSP title that never saw the light of day.

"I worked for two years on the PSP, as one of the only developers then, and I really believed in the platform at the time," he told game site Games Industry. "I still believe there's potential, but it's like self-confidence — if you trust yourself, maybe others will trust you. If you don't trust yourself, nobody will trust you."

For Benadiba, that's what happened with the PSP. "Sony released the product, but they never put enough of a push behind it. Games, ads, better shelf placement — trying to make an effort."

Continuing, the dev says the PSP lacks a strong game library and is easy to use for piracy.

Not sure we agree 100 percent. Granted, the PSP has a strong library of games in Japan, but still, as a handheld, Sony has made a valiant effort. Going up against Nintendo handhelds is not easy chore. Never has been, never will be.

PSP lacks a 'viable' business model [Games Industry][Pic]


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