Sony Calls Out 360 And Wii For Peddling Add-Ons

In a rather pointed media alert distributed yesterday, Sony illustrates why they believe the PlayStation 3 is the most complete console entertainment experience, complete with a handy table to highlight the competition's shortcomings.

Sony's statement in the alert echoes points tossed about in forum flame wars all across the internet. The Xbox 360 has no built-in Wi-Fi and online multiplayer isn't free; the Wii lacks enhanced features such as DVD playback and a hard drive - we've seen it all before. Just not generally in the form of an official company communication.

The Xbox 360 requires additional money, multiple upgrades and additional external devices, putting a burden on the wallet and adds clutter to the entertainment centre. And the Wii's lack of enhanced features comes at the expense of a comprehensive entertainment solution. So as PS3 continues to evolve without the need for additional parts or expenses, expect the competition to continue peddling add-ons in an effort to keep up with the Jones'.

Now of course their statements are all valid and truthful, but it isn't often we see them brought to light in such a manner. The alert delivered its message in such an abrupt fashion that at first we thought it might have been some sort of fluke, but then Sony followed up to make sure we got the message.

Yes, we got the message.

Keeping Gaming and Entertainment Simple

The 2008 holiday season was an exciting time for video gaming and the Blu-ray side of the interactive entertainment industry, and 2009 promises to follow suit. As consumers continue to invest in their entertainment needs this new year, the feature sets of the three multi-functional gaming systems — PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and Wii — become that much more important to consider.

PLAYSTATION 3 has always been about streamlining the gaming and entertainment experience by giving consumers the most features and functionality out of the box, there is no immediate need to upgrade anything to get a rich entertainment experience, as the console comes standard with:

* Built in Blu-ray drive for HD movies and mind-blowing games
* Built in Wi-Fi for wireless gaming and Internet access
* Huge hard drives for storing games, movies, music photos and more
* Free online gaming and entertainment access through PSN
* Ten years of value with a future-proof system via firmware updates that offer new services and features

The Xbox 360 and Wii offer a set of features in their own right. However, when you take a look at the feature offerings side by side, there is only one true winner in delivering total value and price.

We've compared the lowest entry points from each manufacturer — PS3 80GB - $399, Xbox 360 Arcade - $199, Wii - $249.

(Insert the above chart here)

The PS3 is the perfect example of a product featuring superior technology and a sophisticated design creating an ideal all-in-one entertainment product. The Xbox 360 requires additional money, multiple upgrades and additional external devices, putting a burden on the wallet and adds clutter to the entertainment centre. And the Wii's lack of enhanced features comes at the expense of a comprehensive entertainment solution. So as PS3 continues to evolve without the need for additional parts or expenses, expect the competition to continue peddling add-ons in an effort to keep up with the Jones'.


    Sorry, I can't hear you over the cost of the HDMI cable I had to buy so I could actually get 1080p for my PS3, Sony. Hypocrites.

    Yeah because we basically got our 2,500 dollar High def television set required to get the use of out Blu Ray for free, fucktards.

    While it's a huge mistake that the 360 doesn't have built-in WiFi, the comparison as a whole is cheapened by the fact that Sony chose to use the 360 Arcade.

    Hey Sony, try comparing to the Pro which has some more of those features and is still cheaper, instead of using the Arcade to spin it your way. The whole point of the Arcade is to be light on features and even lighter on price.

    They also proudly declare that their online service is "FREE", but I would much rather pay for a service's reliability than deal with a free - but of lesser quality - service.

    I'm not saying that the PS3 isn't feature-rich - it's probably most so - but I don't think Sony are making an overly valid point at all here. Tell us more about your exciting exclusive games and maybe you'll pique my interest.

    Pfft yeah way to avoid why those points aren't even relevant to most!

    HDMI and Blu-ray are (for many) still too niche and expensive to be of any benefit (especially those who - shudder - "can't tell the difference"), especially without high-end equipment. HDMI offers no significant benefit in picture (arguably identical to component), and sound is only benefited when using lossless (only really Blu-ray movies, and again needs the high-end equipment). They're not even really worth discussing in the same sentence as Wii, which isn't trying to compete with PS3 or 360 as a high-def device.

    The pricier 360 bundle now comes with 60Gb, and so is closer in price to PS3, but still cheaper (over here anyway), and I've 15+ games on Wii and never missed having a hard drive, and I only have an SD card to transfer games to friends' consoles for playing there.

    Wireless is irrelevant for most folk without a wireless network at home (let alone those using the console entirely offline, crippling as that may be), and the online service being free isn't much of an advantage when the content is lacking and broken compared to XBL. Again, as with wireless, if the console's used offline this point is also irrelevant.

    I was recently in the market for a Blu-ray player (after HD DVD died, which was my preferred format, having its **** together from day one instead of confusing everyone playing catchup with revisions) and was almost sold on the PS3 as it IS such a good BD player, however I got an outstanding Samsung set top unit for $250 cheaper than the PS3 still retails for over here in Australia.

    Considering there are ZERO PS3-exclusives in which I'm remotely interested (totally subjective of course), it's still too damn expensive to be worth it. I've got a 360, Wii, PC, GBA, and the Blu-ray player (regularly accumulating discs) so it's not like I'm tight when it comes to gaming, I just don't see the point paying what the PS3 CURRENTLY costs - its so called advantages are either overpriced or irrelevant.

    I'm not a PS3 hater by any means - as I say, I almost bought one (albeit only as a BD player) - but until the price comes down, people will still buy more 360s and Wiis when what sets the PS3 aside is irrelevant to them.

    Yeah but Sony don't include HD cables, even though it is a blu-ray player. And you have to buy a special Sony remote to use with it. Sony didn't even include an ethernet cable with my PS3.

    dony blame sony if ur to stupid to pay for a pricey hdmi cable, that are relatively cheap

    Now its just getting nasty! Sony are obviously feeling a bit up against the wall to publish this. Where is their dignity. Although this information may be true they are not really getting the point. The Xbox has really strong titles and ultimately the hardcore gamer is only interested in one thing - GAMES! I would pay more for a 360 because I love Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Fable, Left 4 Dead. Niggling over $100 is not what this is about. I will get the best Blu Ray player when I feel the technology has gotten to a point that it is ready for purchase and the price is right. So really thats it, Xbox in my opinion has better games. MGS4 and even Final Fantasy are worn out property's that have existed since the original Playstation. At some point Sony took all the fun out of their gaming. Its only about technology for them which has been proven inconsequential. For proof, just look at the Wii. Million more sold with basic graphics but a really fun interface.

    Well, Sony's comparing the PS3 with the ludicrously poor-value "arcade" 360, rather than the standard one that is clearly the best value console (when it isn't dying of RROD, that is).

    But then again, MS deserves to be kicked for the "arcade" scam at every opportunity, so I can't get too worked up in their defence.

    poor people thing that they whom want to PS3 but don't need Wi-Fi? Add-on is a good idea that allows people having their choices of purchase. People who don't need Wi-Fi then buy Xbox 360 with ethernet cable and save money! if they buy PS3 and they don't use Wi-Fi then it is a waste of money. I don't mind that $50 Xbox Live. XBL is very very good. Look, $50 divides 365 days equals 0.15 cent per day, right? PS3 requires a lot of watts (about 15c per day) compares to Xbox 360 is 10 cents (10c plus 0.15c for XBL equals 10.15 cents per day).

    Bravo to Sony for finally creating a decent response to the 360 Arcade scam. While some may whinge that comparing the 3 consoles listed is unfair, they are all technically the base console of each system. They are justified in choosing those models to compare.

    More importantly however Microsoft is continually spruiking the Arcade as its cheap but great alternative, its nice for people to see how that drop in price is actually achieved. If they are going to push whats basically a sub-par 360 model as their front-runner then they will have to accept this sort of response in return.

    Working in retail teaches you most people don't honestly know what they want in a console half the time, and lists like this can have a big influence if they make it into more maintstream media. While it will undoubtedly fuel an even bigger fan-boy war, if it does get the point across to people it will have worked for them and possible force a response out of Microsoft rather then letting them have it all their own way.

    Oh, and try explaining to a Mother that $50 a year for internet is justified for something they will never see or touch or even understand.

    yeh well... i just have to laugh at people complaining about buying expensive HDMI cables... it goes to show you people are not true gamers or in the least people that deserve to be mouthing off which console is better, because your intelligence made you purchase cables from some typical retail commercial outlet.

    As for xbox add ons i think i was more shocked that i needed to buy a rechargeable battery pack. That's what pissed me off the most about the xbox 360. Something they don't mention add in that list for the ps3 so i'd say Sony is being humble.

    And for you ppl in aus. HDMI cables can can be purchased for $15 if you know where to look. MSY sound familiar?

    who says you need a hd tv and hdmi cable to play games and do anything else the PS3 requires?

    They're just optional


    HDMI cable is optional, just like a HDD is optional, just like wifi is optional, just like internet gaming is optional...


    I paid AUS$378 for my PS3 in Japan. How much did you pay? Double that, I'm sure- who is the 'intelligent' gamer now?

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