Sony Sue Over Hacker-Friendly PSP Battery

Datel - makers of the Wii's Freeloader, amongst other things - were working on a third-party PSP battery that would have made it easier to hack the PSP-3000. That is, until Sony sued.

A notice to customers pre-ordering the device - called the Lite Blue Tool - apologises for the fact the product will now no longer be shipping as intended:

Due to legal action by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe we are currently not able to fulfil orders for the Lite Blue Tool Battery. Any orders received for this product have not been processed and no charges have been made. We will inform customers about availability of this product when this situation has been resolved.

Working around the Wii's region control, that's a noble pursuit. But this? This is just cheeky.

Datel Faces Legal Trouble Over Lite Blue Tool [Portable Video Gamer, via PSPF]


    Their logo looks suspiciously like that of a certain U.S prog rock band, too...

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