Square Enix Junk Mail Pisses Off Man, Man Files Lawsuit, Man Wins

An individual with no connection to Square Enix or Final Fantasy XI (he's never played it supposedly!) was being heavily spammed with FFXI re-registration emails. This individual got annoyed and took legal action.

It's believed that his email address was being used by item dealers to create Japanese PlayOnline accounts to access FFXI. He apparently was getting a ton of these emails because his address was being used to create money trading accounts that were expected to be insta-banned and then re-registered right away for the next batch of trading.

The gentleman then contacted Square Enix to complain and ask for the company to cease contacting him regarding FFXI. Square Enix, however, refused, claiming that it was impossible to stop sending these emails to just his email address. Instead of just giving up (and blocking this spam?), he took Square Enix to court.

In early 2007, he filed a lawsuit in small claims court — and lost. He didn't stop there, but appealed to a district court and won. Square Enix appealed to Japan's High Court, but the company's appeal wad denied on January 26. The plaintiff, who represented himself without formal legal consul, will be awarded ¥50,000 (US$559).

Ordeal Detailed Here [個人情報が盗まれた Thanks, Muu!]


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