Square Enix President Sends New Years Greeting In Poetic Prose (No, Really)

Doom! Gloom!! Bittersweet optimism!!! Square Enix president Yoichi Wada rallies the troops with a New Years message titled "Riding The Current." It's corporate poetry.

Riding the Current

Season's Greetings to everyone and a Happy New Year.

This year has begun with a torrent of economic difficulty.

A continuous cycle of recession will accelerate the process of selection.
Stagnation will be swept away and only the genuine will survive.
Ordinarily, an accepted approach might be to plant one's feet and brace against the current's pull.

However, this situation is an exception.
This is a powerful current that will erode the shores, shift the river floor, and change the landscape
entirely. Simply strengthening our business foundations will not be a enough.
We must not seek to avoid being swept away but rather to harness the momentum of this current.

The global video game market is expected to maintain remarkable growth.
Our challenge will be to take advantage of our position and leap boldly into the flow.

We will make this year one in which we are grateful for such a rare opportunity.

Well, at least there's no "fire/desire" rhyme. This would probably sound better in Japanese — and if Imperial Hot himself read it to us. Everything sounds better from Imperial Hot. Everything.


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