Steam Users Beware: There's No Such Thing As A Free Game

Be careful what you log into, Steam users. A new account phishing scheme is targeting users of Valve's digital distribution platform, luring in gamers with the promise of gifted copies of Ubisoft's Far Cry 2.

While Steam users are regularly warned by messages from Valve not to provide their login details to anyone — "Steam Support will never need your password for any reason" — this particular tactic capitalises on the service's ability to "gift" a copy of a game to another user.

The authentic-looking e-mail uses a spoofed, [email protected] address, forwarding recipients to a dummy version of the Steam Community web site. That page simply harvests login and password information, potentially giving the phishing schemers access to personal account information.

The most obvious indicator that you're not at the official Steam Community web site is the cloned page's URL, which should be the secured

If you weren't affected by the phishing attempt, we'd still recommend brushing up on Valve's account security recommendations. And if you think your account might have been compromised, we'll forward you to official documentation on reclaiming a hijacked Steam account.

We've contacted Valve to get comment on the matter, but in the meantime, don't be lured in by this nonsense.


    You have to give it to them for creating such a close copy of the actual site. That's really, really impressive.

    At least, it is to someone like me. But then, I'm impressed quite easily.

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