Stream Whatever's On Your PC To Your PS3

Golden Signals know you have a problem. You have an extensive porn digital movie collection, want to watch them in the living room but don't have a PC connected to your TV. What to do?

You buy Golden Signals' US$50 "Display Share", that's what you do. Display Share is a PC program that, once installed, lets you stream whatever's running on your PC screen to your PS3. Anything. Pictures, music, movies, the works (well, except for games, there's too much lag).

Sure, the PS3 can handle some digital movie files pretty well, but there are others it won't pick up. This gets around that. It'll even pipe the sound through your TV speakers.

Wireless TV-out comes to the PC... via the PS3 [Ars Technica]


    or for free you can use TVersity.
    also works for other consoles (especially good for xbox 360) and a bunch of media streaming devices

    Yeah dude... common... You just advertised a shareware program on Kotaku when in complete obviousness you should know damn well that their are TONNES of free programs out there...

    Even windows media player can do what this damn program does...

    But in all fairness - Tversity like the man before me said, is the shit.

    Shame on you Luke. No sex for a week.

    Wait, TVersity doesn't allow you to basically use your computer REMOTELY over the PS3. It only does MEDIA streaming. It looks like on this, you can use your PS3 to type on Microsoft Word.

    What is the point of this post?
    As the other posters have said, and the relative information in this post... TVersity is free compared to wat is described here.
    And while this may allow the PS3 to act as a hub for your PC, is there any real point to the application?
    Why would you want to promote a useless function and bring it to an environment which is even more difficult?
    Typing in word on your couch and navigating your PC with your bluetooth keyboard.

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