Street Fighter IV Wants To Teach You Fighting

Not everyone who is planning on buying Street Fighter IV has experience with the fighter. Capcom hopes to get all players on the same page.

While tutorials are not new, the SFIV tutorial is all-encompassing. As Capcom's Street Fighter expert Seth Killian explains, "It begins with normal moves, then it goes on to specials, supers, ultras, two-in-one combos, chains into specials, links into specials and then finally, how to put it all together. We teach you what the pros refer to as 'bread-and-butter' combos, as well as focus cancel techniques that are useful to your particular character."

Each character has six levels of trials in the tutorial. Those familiar with the game could expect the fourth level to be challenging says Killian, and the last two trials will test skilled players.

Capcom's guarantee: "Anyone who completes trial mode will be a legitimate threat in competition. That is my promise. I guarantee that, at the very least, you'll be able to squash your friends."

Street Fighter IV "Trial Mode" to Teach and Challenge Alike [The Escapist]


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