Study: Gamers Aren't Fat, Illiterate Manchildren

A new study suggests that gamers are older, more active and more often female than previous industry figures have suggested.

The Adult Videogame Market in the US: Tapping Into the New Diversity of Video-Game Players is a pricey consumer analysis put together by Packaged Facts. I don't have three grand to drop on buying the full study, but the summary says some interesting things.

My favourite is the brief on the Consumer Profile section. Little pearls of wisdom such as New Car Loans More Common and Frozen Dinners Part of Gamer Lifestyle make me proud of the life I live and the Stouffers potpies in my fridge.

Here's some more tidbits:

Leisure and Entertainment Choices
Videogamers Work Out
Gamers More Active than Other Adults
Videogamers Still Read Books
Video-Game Players More Likely to Go to the Movies

Shopping Patterns

Video-Game Players Like to Shop
Videogamers Go to Malls More Often
Convenience Stores Popular among Videogamers
Incentive Offers Capture Attention of Videogamers
Videogamers Far More Likely to Make Online Purchase

Hit the link above for the full summary.


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