Take A Tour Of Microsoft's Fake Retail Store

There are Apple Stores. So why not Microsoft Stores? It's a good question. Turns out there is a Microsoft store. Only...it's at Microsoft HQ, isn't open to the public and isn't even a real store.

Confused? Let's take a tour. It's called the Microsoft Retail Experience Centre, and is apparently designed to show how "Microsoft and the retail industry can address rising consumer expectations and competitive pressures during today's challenging economic conditions".

Though really, it could just as easily be a concept for a possible future roll-out of dedicated Microsoft stores.

The 20,000-square-foot room shows what a Microsoft Store would look like, were such a thing to exist. There are 360 games, 360s, 360 demos, accessories & Live points cards, and even some of Microsoft's other stuff on show. Like Zunes. Oh, and Windows.

Best part? The exit doors. With the painted-on car park scene. Creepy.

Microsoft's Fake Retail Store Looks Good, Reminds Us Of Their Real Retail Store [Gizmodo]


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