The Electrifying InFamous CES Trailer

Sucker Punch pulls no punches in this new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive free-roaming superhero game InFamous, which displays an outstanding disregard for public transportation, and the public in general.

Looking just as good as it did during my time with the title at the 2008 Games Convention in Leipzig, the new trailer wastes no time in getting electrified protagonist Cole into the thick of things, clinging to the sides of buses and leaping about as he serves up dish after dish of delicious electrified doom.

How many superpowers can you possibly create using electricity from the source? Check out the CES powers trailer below and see just how much Sucker Punch has managed to mix things up.


    does have australian based staff? Is a human vetting this message? I have no idea. anyway, this game has piqued my interest and has technically improved alot since its first showing

    Hi Tom! The answer to both your questions is yes.

    Hi David - great to see we have a local representative. Sorry for my earlier comment, I was quite drunk when i wrote it.

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