The Office's Dwight Reveals Gamertags Of The Stars

Don't piss off Rainn Wilson on Xbox Live. You might live to regret it, especially if you're an anonymity-loving celebrity. "Dwight" from the The Office has, spitefully, divulged some of Xbox Live more famous gamers.

Wilson, after being snubbed by his Office co-star John Krasinski, himself a supposed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare player, went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, spouting off a list of famous "Avatar" names.

Who should we look out for, according to Wilson? John "jcrazysoxfan" Krasinski, Will "arnott27" Arnett, George "OldDirtyClooney" Clooney, Tom "MoOscars09" Hanks, and the "leprechaunofdeath", U2's Bono.

Genuine? Highly doubtful. And we feel sorry for whomever might already have those Xbox Live handles.

[via GamePro Arcade]


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