The Phone Game Gives Viewers A Chance To Win (not as) Big

The-Phone—Post-6.jpgWe've been harping on about this new show called The Phone for a few days now and so far have had absolutely eff-all luck in "randomly" getting on the show. Apparently, you have to actually find the ringing phone... But now, according to the reps behind the cat-and-mouse-dash-for-the-cash program, there's an alternative for we ring-less souls. It's called The Phone Game and involves lots of clues, a 10 digit code, 8 Blackberry Storms and a $5,000 major prize.

Read on for the spiel from FOX8 and head to The Phone Game website to pre-register for your chance to win. And hey, the prize may not be for 25k, but it's not a bad alternative, right?

"The Phone Game is an interactive playground for the Quizmaster running for the 8 week duration of FOX8's new show. It's where he collects things, gathers pieces of information, sets up tasks or simply leaves objects lying around. Photographs, videos, newspaper clippings, maps and artefacts - they all contain clues that will unlock the next level and reveal prizes.

It's your job to navigate through the 'Network' as fast as possible, unlock the five Memory cards and be on your way to winning!

There is $5000 cash up for grabs for 1 lucky major prize winner and 8 Blackberry Storms for each weekly winner.

After completing different levels in the game you unlock memory cards that contain numbers which make up a unique code. Once you have finished, the 10 digit code is used as the SMS number where you text in the word "phone" to receive your prize."

The Phone Game is now open for pre-registration.

[The Phone]


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