The Sims 3 Getting Pushed Back?

Micro-managing your Sim all over again may be further off than originally planned, if retailer reports are accurate. According to Edge, Electronic Arts is "evaluating the launch window" of The Sims 3.

Whether that means a formal delay for the next installment in EA's 100 million unit selling franchise is unclear, but its European release looks like it might be in danger of slipping. According to Edge, a number of overseas retailers are now listing the game as shipping in the first half of 2009, with the official Sims 3 site listing a "TBA" release date.

EA CEO John Riccitiello recently went on record saying his current focus was on "Helping make The Sims 3 a huge success." One has to wonder if, given the current scaling back at Electronic Arts, a worldwide launch of one of the publisher's biggest title of 2009 wouldn't be prudent among current corporate turmoil.

Several North American retailers are still showing a mid-February ship date.

Hopefully, EA's apparent reevaluation will mean a better product, one that Sims fans won't have to wait too much longer for.

EA "Evaluating Launch Window" for The Sims 3 [Edge Online]


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