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Look! New thing! Every Monday from now on I'll be running down the new retail releases for the week. Which, as any gamer should know, essentially means whatever is coming out on Thursday. Three days should be enough time to find the cash, I reckon. Let's find out what's out this week!

Of course, it's that post-holiday period where everyone is still paying off their credit card debt accumulated in the lead-up to Xmas, so no one is releasing many games. Except EA, Atari, Funtastic and Ubisoft. Thanks guys!

Jan 15

AC/DC Live Rock Band Song Pack (Wii) What Is it? It's what it says on the box; a bunch of AC/CD songs for Rock Band. Should You Care? It's one for the fans, shall we say.

Bolt (PC) What Is It? A kids game based on the John Travolta-voiced animated flick. Should You Care? Apparently it's not entirely terrible, but no.

Igor (PC, Wii, NDS) What Is It? Another kids game, this time based on the John Cusack-voiced animated flick. Should You Care? No. Unless it's your 10th birthday this week and Grandma knows how much you like those video game things. In which case, be very concerned.

Mirror's Edge (PC) What Is It? The PC port of one of last year's most original - and, yes, frustrating - games. Should You Care? You should care that EA is making this rather than another Sims expansion pack. Oh, wait...

My Chinese Coach (NDS) What Is It? One of those language teaching apps. Should You Care? Yes, unless you already speak Chinese. Simple, really.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, NDS) What Is It? Fast-paced hack-and-slash straight outta Hobbiton. Should You Care? I haven't played it, but Penny Arcade has.


    I've already got the AC/DC track pack for the 360, and I can tell you, I play it more having imported it to the main game. That might help give you a hint, knowing you can't do that on the Wii...

    Great idea, I'll check "The Week In Games" posts ummmm....weekly I guess.

    Good stuff.

    Let me know if they ever release My Klingon Coach.

    Let me know if they ever release a patch for fallout 3 on the pc.
    Oh and i like this week in games post very much.

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