There Is A Fourth, Mysterious Need For Speed Game In Development

EA have hit the big, red reset button on the Need For Speed franchise. As we heard, three new games are coming. No, wait. Seems there are four new games coming.

Blackbox - despite recent layoffs - still have the manpower and the time to work on not just NFS: World Online, but a "future action title in the franchise". Action? Since Shift is going the simulation route, Nitro the Mario Kart one and World Online market, could he mean a return to the get-your-cans-out-luv, bright pink Honda racer boy theme of the last few games?

EA Games' Keith Munro, meanwhile, has said the sudden reboot of the series has nothing to do with recent financial woes, and more to do with EA's recent move towards "crafting different games for different audiences and their unique tastes in the driving category".

EA Black Box doing secret NFS game [Eurogamer]


    I'm hoping for something similar to NFS:Underground 2, I still haven,t found one that equals it.

    hmmm, EA's brand new driving simulator, or gran turismo 5, hmm tough decision, sorry ea but with your abuse of dlc i am afraid i cannot shell out 100 aussie dollars to your game, only to feel inadequate when i don't see the value of your dlc but are still curious about the prospects.

    I actually quite liked Undercover. Plus with the level of customisation available, you can make some rediculous boy racer cars (just put any bodywork-related item possible on the car, and set the Autosculpt sliders all to 100%, then paint the car a violently bright colour). I guess it would have been hilarious to make all the low-tier AI cars barry'd up to the eyeballs, then progress to more serious racers.

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