There Will Be No More Killzone 2 Delays

There'll be no more delays for the oft-delayed Killzone 2. SCEA have just announced that the game has gone gold, meaning it's finished, done, and ready for release.

February 27 is the day it'll be out on store shelves across the US, and to mark the occasion, Sony released this giant picture of the box art. You've probably seen it before, but you just in case you haven't, here you go.

Killzone 2 has gone Gold! [PlayStation]


    and on Feb 27 will be the first of many patches released! *sigh* why cant they wait until the game is ready ready before they go gold. Endless patching is not good - just look at what happened to LBP

    Any word on an official release of the Killzone 2 + PS3 bundle?

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