Time Warner Intrigued By Video Gaming, Prepares Poking Stick

Time Warner's recent acquisition of LEGO-crazy game developer TT Games was "wildly successful", and has the media giant considering expansion into the video game industry, Time Warner Chief Financial Office John Martin told investors Wednesday.

"The games area is an area that intrigues us," said Martin at an investor conference in Arizona. "That said, I don't see anything right now of any scale that we're going to go out and acquire. I think it's going to be done incrementally."

Well, it is a buyer's market right now. I'm sure Time Warner could pick up Free Radical for a song, and I can't imagine Midway would be too adverse to a White Knight either.

If the quality of recent TT Games, I'm looking at your LEGO Batman, is any sign of how Time Warner runs purchases, I for one would love to see a Free Radical richly-backed and plugging away at that Time Splitters sequel we've all been waiting for.

UPDATE: Time Warner CFO: Video Gaming 'Intrigues Us'


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