Top Oblivion DLC Revealed, Horse Armour Surprisingly Popular

Bethesda Softworks' campaign to incrementally squeeze money from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players has been a huge success. So much so that offering up downloadable horse armour wasn't the flop it should have been.

In fact, the infamous "Horse Armor" download for Oblivion, released in April of 2006, ranked ninth on the top ten downloadable content packs as of whenever Bethesda decided to stop counting. The good news for fans of dressing their horsies is that, according to Bethesda's Ashley Cheng, the pretty little suits of equine armour continue to sell daily.

For the full list, read on.

1. Wizard's Tower
2. Thieves Den
3. Mehrunes Razor
4. Spell Tomes
5. Vile Lair
6. The Orrery
7. Knights of the Nine
8. Shivering Isles
9. Horse Armor
10. Fighter's Stronghold

Why is "Fighter's Stronghold" dead last? Cheng notes that the list ranks purchased downloads. It was, at certain points, given away as a free download.

Top Oblivion DLC on Xbox Live, Lifetime [BethBlog via EndSights]


    I would love it if they released all the DLC for the PS3 now to sponge some more money off us fans. I love all the DLC for Oblivion and would love it for my ps3 as well as the stuff i have for the PC.

    Im still pissed the GOTY edition with Knights of the Nine didnt give 360 players all the good stuff listed above that PC players got like the vile lair, mehrunes razor etc, instead we got that single goddam quest and a little bit of new voice acting (possbily the biggest shock the game ever gave me), at least shivering isles was good.

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