Toribash, The Turn-Based, 3D Ragdoll Fighter Coming To WiiWare

When Toribash eventually lands on Nintendo's WiiWare service, it may take whatever cake is reserved for "most oddball strategic 3D ragdoll fighter." We're pretty sure there's cake dedicated for such a thing.

If you're not familiar with Toribash, the above clip may not exactly make apparent what it is. But it is a tactical fighting game, one in which players manipulate the limbs of ragdolls, extending and contracting joints to issue blows. It's about a hundred times slower in pace than your run of the mill 3D fighter.

Toribash is rather gruesome, with dismemberments, decapitations, and fractures. Fortunately, both are made less revolting by the game's complete shunning of photorealism. No word on when Toribash will arrive, sadly

Toribash for the WiiWare [Toribash Blog via Indie Games]


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