Treyarch Explain Why It Takes So Damn Long For A PC Patch To Be Released

Here's how it goes: PC game is released, doesn't work for a bunch of people, people start screaming for a patch. But just what's required in releasing a patch? Allow Treyarch to explain.

Posting on the official Call of Duty forums, Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin goes into great detail on just what a PC developer has to do to get a patch out. Basically, there's listening to be done, then more listening, then testing, testing and more testing.

Olin also says that, as tough as it may be, PC gamers suffering from a dodgy game should realise that a patch normally takes at least two months to appear, and sometimes longer in trickier, more complex situations.

Which is why it took so long for Bethesda to get the Fallout 3 patch out. And why Grand Theft Auto on PC still doesn't work properly.

Anxious and impatient PC gamers can read the full report at the link below.

*** The PC Patching Process Explained! *** [Call of Duty]


    I have a better idea, why not make the game play correctly out of the box.

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