UDON Wants Your Darkstalkers Fan Art

UDON is giving Capcom's classic horror fighting franchise the royal treatment with Darkstalkers Tribute, a giant-sized art book celebrating the franchise's history, and your artwork might just make the cut!

Now until March 1st, UDON is accepting fan submissions for artwork to be included in the definitely Darkstalkers art book. If chosen, they get to provide original artwork to UDON for completely free! All you need to do is submit your fan art to UDON via the submission page below, and if your work is chosen, you get everlasting fame among a very specific group of fans, and a free book you probably would have bought anyway!

Oh, did I mention they have to be PG-13 or cleaner? Wait...where'd everybody go? Don't be angry. Have you ever seen a cat do that with her tail in real life? Just draw some clothes on Felicia real quick and see what happens.

About Darkstalkers Tribute [UDON Entertainment]


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