UK Female Devs Make More Money Than UK Male Devs

According to game site MCV, women in the UK game industry make more than their male counterparts. But how much more is the question.

The answer is £2,000 (US$2,947) more. MCV and its sister publication Develop magazine surveyed 528 UK game industry professional to collect its findings. Here's what we learned:

• The average annual wage for women in the UK game industry is £33,260.
• The overall average game industry yearly salary is £31,655. (That's higher than the Office of National Statistics' average of £24,908.)
• According to the Office of National Statistic, women make up to £100 less than men — however, in the game industry, women make £40 than men.
• 72 percent of female surveyed said that they were confident about 2009, versus 66 percent of men who said the same.

Women earn more than men in the UK games industry [MCVUK]


    These are quite flawed statistics, first of all there are more men then women in this industry, hence women would be statistically under represented in the lower paid jobs such as CAD-monkies, etc. Also women who work in the industry would most likely enter it through relatively unrelated role such as being excutive managers, pulbic relations, accountants etc. Which all un-coincidentally are higher paying jobs.

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