Valve Offers Embarrassing Early Look At The Scout

The next Team Fortress 2 class to get the upgrade treatment, the smack-talking Scout, should get his gameplay makeover any day now. Valve has taken the opportunity to reminisce on the Scout's awkward, ugly-duckling past.

Robin Walker, [insert title here]at Valve, walks us through a series of initial designs for the Scout, whose early visual design varied from more military to "wired-up-on-coffee bike messenger" to whatever this track suit wearing abomination is. Oof! I'm glad I live in this dimension, instead of some alternate one, in which the Valve art department shows up to work in head-to-toe Adidas.

The best and worst of the Scout can be seen at the official blog, a good outlet to channel one's boredom while waiting for the new class changes.

Okay, this does not look good here. Umm... [TF2 Blog]


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