Want A Mario Mural In Your Bedroom?

mario bedroom mural.jpg

One of the lads at Australian Gamer is expecting a kid soon. In a few years, this kid will be the envy of his/her friends thanks to mum and dad's handiwork with the paint brush. Seriously, who wouldn't want to sleep every night in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Wanna try it for yourself? Just follow AJ's step-by-step how-to guide. And if you've painted your house to resemble a videogame, please send us the photographic evidence!

[Australian Gamer: AJ's Guide to Painting a Mural, thanks Matt!]


    that's just freaking awesome!

    I have been inspired. Thank you AJ.

    That really is cool! It makes me wish I had talent.

    When I was a kiddie my walls were pale yellow and I think that it had a very adverse effect on my psychological development.

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