We Get It, Deadly Creatures Is Creepy

We Get It, Deadly Creatures Is Creepy

Rainbow Studios and THQ would like to remind you that their upcoming action adventure title Deadly Creatures is creepy as hell. Not that we needed reminding, but here’s a ton of screens, just in case.

Still so very much on the fence about this one. I have enough trouble playing scary video games based on events that couldn't possibly happen in the real world. A game that combines my fear of arachnids with the very real possibility that there's one on the floor somewhere near my feet as I type this?

Well that was a bad line of thinking. I'll be huddled on top on my chair crying like a girl if anyone needs me.


  • Wow, this looks entertaining.
    A Wii game with an original concept that doesn’t just facilitate endless mini-games? Send an email to Ripley’s.

    Still not as creepy as knowing that Billy Bob got on Angie Jolie, tho.

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