Welcome To the Family: A Letter From Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway

Welcome to the Family is a series of three letters that will run this week from the heads of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.


    No, thank YOU Nintendo, for that $30 profit I made selling my Wii on ebay after 4 months of owning that dust magnet- your stock shortages made my day!

    This woman is an idiot and this letter is clear reminder why people hate Nintendo now - and anyone else notice the first game she mentioned was bloody Donkey Kong - a 20+ year old game. Way to promote your extensively crappy Wii games library by flogging your old game titles to death.

    I was going to read this letter then I remembered how delayed Brawl was, how people with the beta for the Opera Browser got the full version for free, how you delay games in PAL territories and THEN block our Free Loader so we're a slave to crappy PAL release schedules...I sold my Wii after I finished Twilight Princess and I wouldn't buy another one because I now own a 46 inch LCD and a Wii would look like an N64 on it. Way to drop ALL THE BALLS Nintendo!

    "Download straight to your system" .... hahahahaha!!!! oH cAMMIE, surely you jest?! ...or were you refering to 360/PS3??? :) I was one of the "hardcore" who bought a dust magnet on release, I happily sold my Wii a week ago and continue to play my other machines ....ones with games designed for my tastes. So long Nintendo. YOU MAY NOT NEED MY BUSINESS THESE DAYS NINTENDO, BUT GUESS WHAT... YOU NO LONGER SELL ANYTHING I WANT TO BUY, OWN... OR PLAY ANYWAY. Sell outs.

    Oh Boys, you all miss the point!
    Please re-read my carefuly considered & crafted letter.
    We [Nintendo] really aren't writing this letter to you, nor are we selling our millions of Wii's to you, nor will we sell millions of games to you this year, and the next, and the next... We [Nintendo] have moved on and are doing better than ever. Why on earth do you think we should care for your needs and desires?

    ...why did I even bother responding to Kotaku "hard core central" dot com in the first place?
    I have to go to now. Iwata san wants me to lick his ass hole and balls again.

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