Welcome To the Family: A Letter From Playstation's Peter Dille

Welcome to the Family is a series of three letters that will run this week from the heads of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.


    That's more heartfelt than the note I got from Sony Corporation when I won a PS3 in a Sydney Morning Herald competition:

    "Congratulations on winning Screenplay's 'Your Turn'. Enjoy the console. Kind Regards. WITH COMPLIMENTS"

    No name saying who handwrote this note, I guess it's simple and effective, but I want to know WHO is giving me these kind regards, not having a nameless faceless pen giving me a note from a corporation!

    OH SNAP!!! "reliable" "blueray" "MGS4" "PSP connectivity" "Little Big Planet,Pixeljunk etc" OUCH!!
    Is that bruises I see all over Microsofts pretty PR face? ;)

    Can Nintendo's PR wizzards out bitch Sony?! -I so can't wait to find out! My life IS so full.

    I think it's hilarious that you could replace a few names here and there, and this would read virtually exactly the same for the 360.

    "We know you're looking for exclusive content, and the 360 has the best lineup of any platform, full of award-winning games like Fable 2, Gears of War 2 and, coming soon, Tales of Vesperia. Games like these truly demonstrate the raw power of the 360 with their detailed graphics, immense scale, unique online capabilities, and epic gameplay. You can also build your game collection with classics like Condemned, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Project Gotham Racing 3 and Dead or Alive 4, which we now offer at "Xbox 360 Classics" pricing for a great value. Layer on top of this is Xbox Live, which has a vast array of content from hardcore games and add-ons to casual games for everyone, and you immediately realise the 360 is the clear choice for content."

    @ Mr Waffle

    You're right. Sony and Microsoft are essentially competing in the same market. I expect Nintendo's to read a little differently...

    > an innovative new Trophy system
    > innovative new Trophy
    > innovative

    No. Just no, Sony. Your knock off achievements are are almost as innovative as Microsoft's Miis... er, avatars.

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