Well, At Least Microsoft Are Using Home

After the first few days, how many of you are still using Home? Hands up? Yeah. That's what I thought. Ah well. Hey, Sony, look on the bright side; at least Microsoft are using it!

A program instituted by Portsmouth University in the UK - aimed at cutting the cost of travel and communications for meetings - has so far convinced three major companies to trial meeting via the social networking...thing. One is financial powerhouse Ernst & Young. Another is former financial powerhouse Merrill Lynch. The third?


Don't they know that holding meetings via Xbox Live is just as easy?

Ernst & Young to use PS3 for virtual meetings [GAAP]


    actually... call me sad, but i am still using it a lot... and my friends... and my sister... I have to say i actually like it a lot and have met a bunch of new people that i have added to my friends list through home.So yeah.. who still uses it? ME!!! hehe! =)

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