What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m returning to Fable 2 this weekend. Sometime in October, just after finishing Fallout 3 and just before losing myself in Far Cry 2, I popped Fable 2 into my 360. And after spending an hour or so farting and laughing at the pathetic villagers in Bowerstone and hating myself for playing that bloody blacksmith mini-game, I popped it back out again and haven’t touched it since. I couldn’t get into it then, but now I’m determined to give it another chance. Any advice for me getting the most out of Fable 2?

Oh, and what are you playing today?


  • COD:4
    After getting my ass handed to me by my friends who claim to be ‘casual gamers’ whatever that means. Go play a wii

  • I was 3/4 of the way through a long message then kotaku refreshed and wiped everything i had written, that’s even more *ucked then the viral add campaign .au is running for that sh!tty fox8 show.

  • I haven’t got round to playing Fable 2 yet. Im still backed up with a shit load of games.

    hell, I’m finishing off Dawn of War winter assault campaign. i’ve come to realise i am so bad at rts.

  • Don’t worry about cash to start with, do some questing and earn cash that way. After you get a bit of gold, invest it in some property to get a consistent flow of cash (even while you’re not playing)

  • My list of cool levels to play in LBP is only getting longer, so I’m going to try to play some of those. Have played some awesome levels lately (see my heart list – r1chardj0n3s). *And* I have some level ideas of my own which I want to try to set in pixels.

    I haven’t had time for any other game since LBP came out. I kinda miss TF2 and wonder what L4D, Fable 2, Fallout 3, etc. might be like…

  • exact same thing happened to me man, i think i max’d out my blacksmithing mini-game the second i got into the town, hated myself for doing it, and then haven’t played it since. storyline is just boring!

  • I’m playing Fable2 myself!
    What I’ve done to make it a bit more enjoyable, I loaded up my old game, which now had a lovely bank balance of 2 million. I got a friend to join my game, I transferred 2 million gold, a few weapons, and some skill potions to him, I then quit, started a new character, and transferred everything across.

    Voila, no more job minigames, and I can just enjoy the game without having to worry about money. So far I’ve enjoyed playing quite a bit.

  • Hey everyone. Long time reader, first time poster. Same as Cat Tactics I’m backed up with soooo many games, but ATM I’m playing GTA: Liberty City Stories, Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, Bioshock, Guitar Hero: World Tour And Rock Band 2.

  • I found Fable 2 to be more enjoyable when you bought the Legendary Blunderbuss. That thing can blow a hole in anything.

    My 360 hard drive is broken so I’m currently going through Gamecube & PS2 back catalogue. Might start with ICO and then my anger levels rise, it’s on to my copy of Manhunt 🙂

  • hey, i am doing the same thing, i played fable 2 for a few nights before getting swamped by all the other games in oct / nov last year. started again this week. a handy hint: the “donating to the temple of light quest” has consequences if not done before leaving to the spire. so don’t skip it like i did.

  • Fallout 3, I am totally addicted to this game at the moment. As for Fable 2 I found it pretty boring and disappointing so I can’t help you there!

  • I’ll be switching from Far Cry 2 to Mass Effect this weekend, just to change things up! By the way David, in my opinion you’ve already gotten everything there is to get out of Fable 2 :p

  • Left 4 Dead, DBZ Burst Limit, Prince Of Persia, Banjo Kazooie (arcade not Nuts and Bolts…which is a SIN!), Sins Of A Solar Empire, Super Street Figher II HD Remix, KOF 2002, Fallout 3, Pure…I have a short attention span.

  • Dave,

    I happen to know you used to PR this game, how funny 🙂 As long as you forget the mechanics of typical rpgs and ignore the casual style, F2 was one of 2008s best

    Shame about the DLC being so little though

  • @ Choc

    I never actually worked on Fable 2. When I left my former PR life behind, the last game I’d been involved with was Lost Odyssey.

  • Geez. All Fable 2 this and Left 4 Dead that. Play some bowls, and live a little, noobs.

    Doesn’t anyone play TF2 anymore???

  • Trying to finish Farcry 2 so I’m ready when Killzone 2 comes out. May try CoDWaW again. Tired of f’n cheaters… If there’s time after FC2, probly do some more R2 Coop, and Disgaea 3… Luvin it!

  • A little late on this one….

    However, I finally polished off Saints Row 2 last night. Enjoyable game. Changing sex 80% in made for a rather weird experience. Flashing with a trench coat as a female just doesn’t seem right….

    Now, I’m on to either Dead Space or GOW2. Decisions, decisions…

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