When’s All This Xbox 360 Stuff Coming to Australia?

When’s All This Xbox 360 Stuff Coming to Australia?


Microsoft’s CES announcement of Kodu, its LittleBigPlanet rip-off take on the whole user-generated content craze, looks really cool. (Almost as cool as two hot chicks playing Xbox together.) Thing is, Kodu is part of the XNA Community Games Channel, which isn’t actually available in Australia. Also at CES, Microsoft revealed a launch date for Primetime, the Xbox Live game show channel where players compete with each other for real prizes in formats like 1 vs 100.
Will we be getting any of these features in Australia? I put this question to Microsoft…I asked if we’ll be getting Primetime at the same time it rolls out in the US, i.e. their Spring?

To which Microsoft replied, “We’ve not yet announced when Primetime will be available in Australia although we can confirm that the global team is currently working on expanding the service’s worldwide footprint.”

Undeterred, I pressed on. So how about Kodu? Will we be getting that as part of the Community Games Channel?

To which Microsoft replied, “We’ve not yet announced when the Community Games Channel will be available. The global and local teams are working on bringing the channel to Australia.”

Hmm. Fair enough, if there’s no launch date decided then what else can they really say? But when we still don’t have access to Video Marketplace, let alone Netflix, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the prospect of seeing Primetime and Community Games any time soon. Sigh.


  • Those are generic responses MS give whenever they are asked when particular content is coming to Australia.
    Australia isnt and will never be getting all that extra content.
    It isnt MS fault. Its the fault of our ISP (and their restrictive usage plans) and our ratings system.

    Oh, and MS wont make money off releasing such services in Australia.

  • @warcroft, while I agree that we (aus) probably won’t see either of these channels ever – just like we’ve never glimpsed the TV/Video rentals – I don’t think its the usage or ratings that are keeping it out. Firstly, Xbox Live data is being included free by a few ISPs, and I imagine can only increase. Secondly, a lot of the video and demo content on XBL already is ‘unrated’ and released at the same time as America (ie, on time).

    I think it’s more licensing issues with bringing content created in America here (or prizes) or creating the same thing for our smaller national audience – imagine the Community Games Channel if only Australian devs were allowed to use it, would we see Krush Kill & Destroy? Something from the BioShock guys?

  • Actually you two are wrong. While i can’t comment on primetime, XNA is launching in Australia within the next 6 months. Go do a search on XNA and Australia. It was announced last year.

  • @choc

    You may be getting confused with the XNA Creators Club, which is set up for people who want to develop games using XNA Game Studio. This is open to Australians.

    The XNA Community Games Channel is for regular 360 owners to purchase and download the games made by Creators Club members. Microsoft hasn’t said when this will be available in Australia.

  • Yes, it’s an ongoing annoyance.

    I still seem to flick over to the Video Marketplace in the vain hope of seeing something other than ‘The Guild’ and ‘Robbie Williams Video’.

  • My understanding was that the XNA channel stuff would never come to Australia, because the service counts as essentially distributing the games under our laws. In order to distribute a game in Australia it has to be classified, which costs several thousand dollars, and Microsoft isn’t about to fork over that sort of cash for stuff by hobbyists and the like.

    If we do get the system, then it won’t be the moderated-but-open-to-all-creators-club-entries system that the US enjoys.

  • and what’s wrong with the guild? damn that Felicia Day is HOOOOOOT!
    as nice as it would be to see some more content come here, i sure won’t be holding my breath. How bout giving us “inside xbox”? the US has it as does most of Europe!
    If we cannot get something as basic as that, what are our chances of getting something like the community channel or netflix? ZERO!

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