Who Did Win That BRAVIA Z Series LCD TV?

Bravia.jpgWithout further ado, congrats to Lyn, Paul, Matt, Dan, Georgina and Chris, whose extraordinary abilities to fill out a survey have landed them either a BRAVIA LCD TV (onya Chris) or $100 voucher to their choice of retailer.

Of course, we all know the real reason you so generously gave your time to complete our site surveys had absolutely nothing to do with the $4k prize pool and everything to do with helping us grow our precious little blog. So for that, we thank you.


    My name's Paul, I wish this post was about me though :( haha... (I filled out the survey)

    I'm on a 60 inch 4:3 screen, which itself isn't bad, but it's 1 of those "flat" screen cathode tv's, so the side's crawl up, makes me head spin.

    "who won the lcd tv" intead of "who did win" lol

    I'm a Paul too... how do we know if it was us who won? Should we have got an email by now or something?

    @ adrian79

    If you emphasise "did", it makes perfect sense.

    I submitted a survey....how do I know if I won?

    @ Chris

    All the winners will be contacted directly.

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