Wizard Outs Marv Wolfman As New DC Universe Online Talent

Wizard Magazine completely spoils Sony Online Entertainment's fun, outing comic book legend Marv Wolfman as the new DC Universe Online creative talent a week before the big reveal at the New York Comic Con.

Sitting on the edge of our seats we eagerly awaited next weekend, when Sony Online Entertainment would reveal the comic book talent joining Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, already working on the massively-multiplayer online superhero game. Then the guys at Big Download tapped us on the shoulder and handed us the latest copy of the comic book magazine Wizard, which pretty much ruined everything for us.

Marv Wolfman is a comic writer that has worked on many books both at DC and competitor Marvel over the years, but is perhaps best known for his runs on the former's Teen Titans and the latter's Tomb of Dracula, in which he introduced the vampire-hunter Blade to the world.

While the surprise is ruined, there's still plenty of stuff for DC universe Online fans to do at the New York Comic Con, with a panel featuring Wolfman, Johns, and Lee discussing the game, along with a brand-new playable demo to get their hands on. Just not sure what we're going to do with all the free time we'd originally scheduled for eager anticipation.

Writer Marv Wolfman joins DC Universe Online team [Big Download]


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