A Second Serving Of Classic, Reimagined Game Covers

The kids at Something Awful saw this post on classic game covers, and took matters into their own hands. We will now bring the matter full circle, by presenting the best of their work.

Amazing. Simply...amazing. There are plenty more to check out (including ones at higher resolution) at the link below. Also, the guy who kicked this whole shebang off - Olly Moss - has been updating his own covers with a few new ones, namely for Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. You can check those below, as well.

Since these all look so great - and since there's been such a creative outpouring over them - we've got to wonder, how long will it be before we see somebody take the Criterion route with video game re-releases?

Make video game covers classy [Something Awful]
Classic Game Covers [Olly Moss @ Flickr]


    Ah, now these ones I can get behind as something I'd actually love to see on game covers. The Mirror's Edge and Killer7 ones, in particular.

    (I'm going to have to deduct "hardcore cred" points from the artist for using a space in Killer7 though.)

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