American DSi Box vs Japanese DSi Box

We've seen the box the DSi comes in. In Japan. But what kind of box will it come in when released in the US? This is the kind of box it will come in.

Nintendo have begun shipping review/promo units out to magazines and websites, and the first such person to take pictures of the thing seems to be Lorenzo Grajales, of Mexican magazine/website Atomix, who threw a couple of pics up in a GAF thread.

Interesting that Nintendo are emphasising the whole multimedia capabilities thing with those icons, considering that's a policy the company has long shied away from.

Also interesting: look at the size of that manual! You could kill the child you were buying this for with that thing.

February Pick-Up Post [NeoGAF]


    Some of the instore empty boxes in Japan have those multimedia pictures on them.

    I dont know why they are sending these out just yet, as it is still some time before the dsi gets released. I have heard some where between April and June.

    What's with the XMB-style icons on the box?
    Looks like a thousand other Sony products!

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