Another Non-Ad: Killzone 2's 'Super Bowl' Spot

Super Bowl Ad? Fan-made? Web only? Lots of chatter taken as gospel says this cost Sony $5 million to air tomorrow. No. No one spends seven figures for that kind of music and writing.

Bottom line, there's a list of Super Bowl ad sponsors. And while Sony's on it, it's for two movies, not for Killzone 2. Gamezine also points out it is 52 seconds long — odd length, considering NBC charges in 30-second increments.

Think outside your emotional reference group. All of us get this ad, but for anyone else it needs a lot of explaining. Who's shooting at whom? Why do I care? And if you're paying that much to get in front of the largest audience of the year, the viewers should comprehend the essential words of what you're selling. If this was a Super Bowl ad I'd foresee a lot of mainstream ad critics wondering why someone paid $5 million for 50 million parents to ask their kids what a Helghast was.

Anyway, if NBC isn't allowing PETA to use asparagus as a phallic symbol, I doubt they'd approve of bodies-hit-the-floor gameplay. Show a little scepticism, you know? Killzone 2 is a good game that cost a lot of money to make. It's not going to be supported by cliché marketing on the biggest advertising day of the yea

Is the Killzone 2 Super Bowl Ad Fan-Made? []


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