AU Diary: Alma And The Chipmunks?

simanimals screenshot 20090204.jpg

Two games arrived for me today - and they couldn't be more different. One package contained an advance copy of FEAR 2 for Xbox 360, which releases next week. The other contained a retail copy of SimAnimals for Wii, which is out tomorrow.

What's a man to do? Um... Am I about to lose all my gamer cred by telling you my instinct was to try out SimAnimals first?
It's okay though, I'll make up for it when Killzone 2 arrives later today...


    I downloaded the Fear 2 demo, and while i liked the way the shooting mechanics felt, I found myself not caring when I died. I deleted it the same day.

    Killzone 2... you bastard....

    Killzone 2 your face.

    I would have chosen Fear 2 because I have massive testicles.

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