AU Diary: My Streeties Record Stands at 1 & 1

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Thanks to everyone who offered me tips on playing Street Fighter IV for the first time. It paid off! Well, sort of...

At last night's media event, there were two tournaments - one for so-called "Pros" and one for us amateurs. In my first round match-up, I opted for the man with the hairy chest, the button-masher's choice, Zangief. Against Chun-Li I somehow fluked a win to the understandable dismay of my more experienced and talented opponent. This unexpected turn of events left me reeling. I'd now have to play again. How did that happen?

Into the second round and things went less smoothly. While my first match was fought with a stick, for the second we were moved onto a console with regular 360 controllers hooked up. It took me most of Round 1 to work out which button did what. This didn't seem to help much, as Round 2 went even quicker and saw me swiftly eliminated by another more experienced and talented opponent.

Afterwards I had a chat with some of the OzHadou guys - a group of the best SF players in the country - and gained a greater understanding of the mechanics and techniques of the genre, and also how IV differs from the previous titles in the series. I found it fascinating to hear the experts speak in such detail about a genre that's always mystified me. Maybe I haven't played my last game of Street Fighter IV...


    I see your problem there, you didn't bludgeon your opponent with the controller...

    At least you got to Round 2...

    Hi David, it was great meeting you last night. And it was a very enjoyable night for us OzHadou people too. Even if the level of play is not what we're used to seeing, the tension and excitement was still there in spades. Just watching all the close games between what must have been rivalries between the different media factions was heaps entertaining.

    You're damn right she was more talented, you button masher, you!

    Wildgoose you were a worthy opponent, and I feared for my self-respect when I saw you'd worked out how to do that spinny move Zangief loves to do. Fortunately for me late in the second round i worked out Sagats fireball thing on the Xbox controller and i didn't have to get beaten in the head again.

    @Darren Wells

    Good game sir. We'll have to fight again online!

    Nice one, glad the info helped.. if only a bit.
    And with Zangief too! When I choose him I usually get bashed to death from far away


    Indeed! (Once I've had some more practice...)

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