Australia Really Loves SingStar

Australia Really Loves SingStar

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Guess how many SingStar microphones are sitting in homes around the country? Here’s a hint: lots. So, go on then, guess…

700,000, according to Sony. But that’s not all, here are some more SingStar stats!

* Over two million SingStar games have been sold in Australia, meaning the average SingStar player has picked up three different versions of the PS2 and PS3 karaoke game.

* Over 240,000 tracks have been downloaded from the SingStore in the Australian market alone.

* In 2008, total SingStar software sales grew by 47%

* SingStar ABBA sold nearly 100,000 copies in just six weeks at the end of last year.

And with SingStar Queen warming up for its March performance, expect those stats to keep growing and growing.


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