Bargain Hunter: Kmart Clearance Sale On Now

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The lads at Ecogamer list a bunch of good deals going down right now as part of a Kmart clearance. Software is the focus, with some sizable discounts across games for all consoles and handhelds.

Highlights include:
* Condemned 2 (360) - $30
* Devil May Cry 4 (360) - $30
* Mirror's Edge (360) - $30
* Pure (PS3) - $40
* Metroid Prime 3 (Wii) - $40
* Trauma Centre: Second Opinion (Wii) - $40
* Trackmania (DS) - $30
Loco Roco (PSP) - $7

Kmart Game Clearance [Ecogamer, thanks Anthony!]


    I was excited until I realised there was only one PS3 game and I don't care about it. (not trying to be a fanboy, I just don't have a 360)

    There's actually multiple PS3 games, check out the link. The article here only shows a select few games.

    Holy shit, Loco Roco for $7?! ME for $30!? Holy shit!!!

    Got ME for $30 - last 1 left. Some titles have heaps left (DMC4, DoA) but others have either 1 or 2. Lost Planet & Condemned 2 were out where i went,.

    don't go to Broadway KMart. Nothing decent left and they chucked ten bucks extra on the listed prices anyway.

    Anyone looking for a bargain can snap up Team Fortress 2 for about 10 bucks US until Friday, US time (about lunch time Saturday for Oz, I think).

    Its a top game, and there's new maps and weapons for the scout that were released this week.

    Went to Chastone Kmart last nite (melb) had heaps on sale - picked up Metroid Prime 3 & Disaster: Day of Crisis for $40 each. was contemplating a few others too

    best bargains at Kmart In queen st

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